Corona confident

We want you to feel safe while visiting us!

“CORONA CONFIDENT” means that Minivärlden Ljungby has made and is making great efforts to make our visitors and visit hosts feel safe when we are open.

Corona has finally released its grip on our society, but we do not know what is lurking around the next corner. Therefore, we still want to point out that both we and you have a responsibility to keep your distance and wash your hands as before.On this page you can read about all our measures for a safe visit to the Minivärlden Ljungby.

Anders Billow, chairman of the association TågCentralen.

Measures for a safe visit to the Minivärlden Ljungby

  • Maximum 150 visitors at a time.
  • Cafe serving on trays – partly even outdoors.
  • Approved distances between the tables.
  • Clean drying of toilets every half hour.
  • Access to hand alcohol.

As a visitor you also have a responsibility

  • Keep the distance to others, outside and inside the premises.
  • Don’t let the kids run around, but take your parental responsibility.
  • If you have got a cold, cough, sneeze, have a fever, you simply do not visit us.
  • If you belong to any risk group, the guidelines of the Public Health Authority apply.