The film Fuluby

Kulpåsen – Ljungby’s funniest cultural association

We have been around since 2016. The association was started on the initiative of Maria Stansert and Tomas Webster who then worked together and started recording sketches on the web.

Tomas, who had several years of experience in revues, thought that now was the time for Ljungby to start a revue, and Maria was tired after the years that she herself produced stage performances and hoped for more muscle with an association.

An association was formed

They gathered a group with various top skills such as art, dance, sound and light, and thus the first board was born. During these years, we have already had time to record radio, started Ljungbyrevyn, done summer theater, been presenters in various contexts, recorded three seasons of web TV, but above all we have made our first feature film “Stjärnsprak i Fuluby”.

The last scene was recorded the same week that Corona was classified as a pandemic. A huge project where we did everything ourselves, such as filming, scenery, sewing, cutting and editing etc.

Collaboration with Minivärlden

The film took six months to film and build and then six months to cut together. But the result we are very proud of and you get an insight into the history here now. Kulpåsen otherwise works mainly with theater, art, dance and film, but is constantly looking for new cultural challenges. Therefore, the collaboration with Minivärlden Ljungby was extra fun.