miniature summer 7.5 - 8.14 10 -15 h

Open Monday – Friday. July 5 – August 14 at 10 – 15 hours. Sundays closed.

40 places can be booked until 10.00 every day. Then there is drop-in running all day. If you have not booked, there is usually room around 12 o’clock and onwards. We have not had any queues so far.

You must pick up your tickets no later than 10.30 before they are resold. We have a general recommendation of 1 ½ hour with us to give other visitors the opportunity to enter.

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Take a summer break. Do something completely different. Explore and experience our fantasctic miniature worlds and exhibitions. Perfect on a rainy day. Perfect when you’re tired  of sunshine and swimming

This is really a perfect excursion for the whole family. Or if you are a group of friends visiting or passing through Ljungby. Of course for all of you who love and are fascinated by model trains and the mysteries of miniatures. Do not forget that we have a historical cinema and a cosy café when it’s time for taking a break

Lilla Småland rolls on.

This summer we show up when our trains run on Bolmenbanan along the stations Bökö-Lidhult-Åsen-Unnen-Byholma-Piksborg, Bolmen. A part of Lilla  Småland, which we call it. The Småland landscape shines wildly and beautifully in colors from July, August and September around Bökö and surrounding areas, with everything it means of cultural landscapes, lakes, mosses, hills, heaths, forests. And hand-built houses just as they once looked.

The country Somewhere, a real gem

Dr Schulze’s fantasy world “The Country Somewhere” fascinates most people. Here you can easily discover all the small episodes that are hidden between Schultze’s old industrial areas , built in clear 50’s and 60’s style.

Exhibitions and summer activities 2020

  • LEGO Technics – a fine collection of the most advanced work machines in one of our major mounts.
  • Model cars – 300 small cars from Willy Berg’s collections.
  • Tin Soldiers – 12 booths from Jonas Richthoff’s detailed history collection of known battles.
  • Model trains – One hundred models from Bertil Johansson’s donation. 50s-60s, different makes.
  • Edwin’s hand-built steam locomotive – a fantastic creation into the smallest detail in scale 1:10.
  • The cinema with old train films.

Especially for the kids

  • The playroom with the wooden trains, for the youngest.
  • Two Märklin model railways where all children have to drive themselves.
  • The clever Robot track you run using an app.
  • The little bigger LGB train.
  • Creator corner – paint figures, decorate trains, build paper house, draw free.
  • The LEGO corner with lots of bricks.
  • The cafe with ice cream and homemade cakes!


Visit us in summer 2018
July 6 – August 14, Monday-Friday at 10 – 15 hours. Saturday ocn Sundays closed.
Sundays closed.

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