Spring train 3.4 10 - 15 pm

There’s a lot going on this years Spring Train!

Premises and exhibitions are refreshed, the café is loaded with home baked cookies. All the small models are trimmed so that the children can run themselves and have some fun.

Lilla Småland is growing further and Bökö has been given an adorable, detailed and imaginative landscape. Lidhult is growing up with a wealth of newly built model houses in exact copies of the 50s, and a hint of how nice the coming environments will be. The trains now run all the way past Åsen, Byholma and Piksborg

The country of Somewhere, Dr Schultze’s old private model railway, is refreshed and really nice again.

The popular Robot runway is refreshed and nice. Just challenge dad and mom, or your buddy.

Minivärlden Ljungby always has something interesting and fun for all ages and most interests – an experience and activity goal for the whole family.

Welcome on March 4  from 10-15. Take this opportunity, because next time is not until April 11.

And of course, there will be a competition for you. Find the spring flowers and win the well-known T-shirt from Minivärlden Ljungby.


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