Spooky train 2.11 12-16 h

This is our creepiest theme of the year. It is always around Halloween. We all look creepy. The show-room looks creepy. You may look as creepy as you like to win a prize. The creepiest outfit wins a huge pumpkin with Swedish sour sweets… You can also hunt pumpkins all over the room and win a T-shirt. Then guess the weight of the giant pumpkin. The prize is……

By the way. There are all our usual exhibitions, miniworlds and activities to enjoy. There is always some fun and something interesting to explore at Minivärlden.

If you have not seen Holger Johansson’s miniatures in super-carved wood, take this opportunity. And as usual, the cinema is running with old train films from southwest Småland.

Welcome to the spooky train if you dare. Hoooooaaaauuuuiiiiiiii!


Winner of the pumpkin 2016. Elias Ramström, Halmstad.

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