Spooky train 10.30 + 11.04 10-15 h

Open 10 – 15

And this year we will also be open on Thursday during the autumn holidays.

Scariest look wins

This is our scariest theme. We look scary. The whole room looks scary. You may also look scary. Scariest wins a T-shirt! You can also look for pumpkins at Minivärlden and win the big candy pumpkin!

Also check out our scary ghost trains on Dr Schultze’s old model railway and on Lilla Småland. In Millans Café we obviously have toxic pastries.

New for this year – A really scary ghost tunnel.

Anyone who goes in there would like to go out :-))))) (No it may not be as dangerous as it sounds)

This year we have created an experience beyond the ordinary. A 20 meter long tunnel with surprises and horror, scary light, cruel sounds and living ghosts. You get to test simply.

The ghost tunnel is open at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30 and 14:30

As usual, there is plenty to see and experience.

You can see all our exhibitions and miniature worlds, drive trains, watch cinemas, have coffee and much more. There is always something fun and interesting for everyone at Minivärlden. Haren & Sköldpaddan, this summer’s success is in full swing. And the robot track is loaded.

Lilla Småland is the name of our fantastic miniature world, a history book and model that shows the station communities that once existed within Ljungby municipality – along Bolmenbanan and Skåne Smålands Järnväg. Everything in this miniature world is hand-built from scratch. The richness of detail is very large and an experience for all ages.

We have returned Camilla Odgaard’s fantastic doll’s cupboard that was shown during the summer. No less than 12 small masterpieces to enjoy and be fascinated by.

By the way, take the opportunity to admire Mikael Lilja’s awesome work machines in LEGO. A dream for those interested in technology. And as usual, the cinema is running with old train films from southwest Småland.

Welcome to the Ghost Train! If you dare… Hooaaaaauuuuuiiiiiiiiii

Vem vinner godispumpan?

Många barn har vunnit den stora godispumpan genom åren. Nu kanske det är din tur. Här ser du den lyckliga vinnaren 2016, Elias Ramström, Halmstad


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