The woodcarver Holger Johansson, Lidhult

An artist with wood as a specialty

Holger Johansson was born in Lidhult in 1913. He was a construction carpenter, a carpenter, a painter, a cartoonist and a very skilled woodcarver, who became widely known through his excellent craftsmanship.

Holger was completely self-taught and with his hands and a few tools he created fantastic things in wood.

Perhaps he dreamed of becoming a sculptor and artist when, at a young age, he was sitting on the chopping block out in the woodshed in Lidhult and “craned” different figures in wood, mostly horses but also some “old man” from the village.

Holger Johansson’s wood carving is faithful, detailed, accurate. Most of it takes place in Småland in the 1950s.

The Holgersson family shows in 2019 about 25 detailed and lifelike groups of the over 200 Holger Johansson carved over the years.

It is more than 30 years since these figures were publicly displayed in this way.

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