little småland a magical world

A cyclist steps past. Someone lights a house when darkness falls. A train stops at the station. It squeaks and smokes. Press a button: a dog starts barking. And then it’s already dawn.

In the middle of the day, there is activity in the small community of Lidhult. Trucks pass by. A wedding is over and the bride and groom happily leave on a vespa for the future. Here come two people cycling and what is it that lies under the big forklift at the sawmill, which later became a world-leading innovator.

Across the area, easterly winds blow and the waves hit the water surface of Lake Unnen. The steamboat Vega lies and swings at the quay at the same time as the smoke pulls away over the autumn colors at Åsen.

This is how you will experience Lilla Småland on site at Minivärlden. And we are constantly building on with Småland’s stubbornness. Every month something new happens so you do not want to miss this!

A Småland history book in model

Lilla Småland is the name of our exciting miniature world, which will grow to just over 450 square meters. Here you meet a Småland landscape with real stories.

During the first half of the 20th century, Ljungby was a railway junction with two train lines that crossed each other in the middle of the city. The narrow-gauge section was closed down in 1966 and the standard-gauge section in 1997. It was these railways that gave life to all small farms, villages and communities. Industries were started, people moved there and life grew.

Lilla Småland is the story of how a barren and poor part of Sweden was transformed from a peasant society into a strong industrial region, from the latter part of the 19th century until today. Quite simply a history book in model.

Everything you see is handmade down to the smallest detail.

When everything is ready, you can experience Ryssby, Målaskog, Tutaryd, Ljungby, Stavsjö / Dragaryd, Angelstad, Bolmen, Piksborg, Byholma, Åsen, Unnen, Lidhult, Bökö, Lagan, Vittaryd, Kånna, Bäck and Hamneda. We will show excerpts from each society’s golden age an exciting mix of landscapes. It will be a lot of reality and a little bit of imagination too …

Things will happen everywhere. Trains run, cyclists cycle, people walk and tractors plow. The forest is buzzing, the trees are swaying. And in the midst of all this, stories from life along the important railways creep in. Just like in reality but in a miniature world.


“Lilla Småland” is actually our collective name to showcase our Småland communities that grew up thanks to three railways.

Halmstad-Bolmens Järnväg, 1067 mm gauge (1889 – 1966)
Vislanda-Bolmens Järnväg, 1067 mm gauge (1878 – 1966)
Skåne-Smålands Järnväg, 1435 mm gauge (1893/1899 – 1997)

Our goal is to build these tracks with 17 station communities and other attractions located within the current Ljungby municipality. The miniature world Lilla Småland will be about 450 m2.

In the summer of 2022, you can experience the Bökö station, the community Lidhult with the beautiful Lidhultsån river and the emerging area around the communities Åsen, Unnen and Byholma.

Technical suppliers

“Lilla Småland” is a complicated construction project, and can very well be compared to a machine or automation process.
We build many of the technology solutions in-house, but we also have a number of important suppliers that you can see via this link.


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