little småland a magical world

A cyclist rides by. A little red and white house is lit up at dusk. A train stops at the station. Squeels and smoke! Push a button and the neighbour’s dog begins to bark. And now dawn arrives

This is how you will experience Little Småland when everything is completed in the future. But there will be new things to explore every month as we fulfill our dreams of this miniature world.

The fairy tale of Småland
Little Småland is the name of our new miniature world. It is here you will meet an exciting mix of typical landscape of Småland and stories from reality. In the mid of the 20th century, Ljungby was a railway junction with two railways crossing each other in the town centre. The narrow gauge line was closed in 1966 and the standard gauge line in 1997. These were the lines that brought life to the remote farms and villages in the isolated countryside at the end of the 1880’s. Industries were established, people moved and new societies emerged

When Little Småland is completed.
Then you may explore all the stations along the two railways’ routes through Ljungby community in the southwest of Småland. All in all 18 stations and and surrounding landscape.

We will show selected parts of each station’s golden era with an exciting mix of landscapes. There will be plenty of reality, but also blended with interesting bits of fantasy. There will be things moving everywhere like trains, cyclists, people, tractors. Whispering forests, mooses bellowing and much more. Just like reality but this time in a Miniature world.

Little Småland will cover approx. 450 square metres of miniature landscape. It is focusing on the history of three railways

Halmstad-Bolmens Järnväg, 1067 mm gauge (1889 – 1966)
Vislanda-Bolmens Järnväg, 1067 mm gauge (1878 – 1966)
Skåne-Smålands Järnväg, 1435 mm gauge (1893/1899 – 1997)

You can follow the work continuously on our blogg.

Technical suppliers
“Little Småland” is an advanced project and could be compared to a machine.
Mayor parts of the technical systems we make inhouse, however we have some suppliers to.

TILLIG Modellbahnen

 Littfinski Daten Technik

 DCC Concepts

 Lokstore Digital / LS Digital, Andreas Hornung.


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