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Welcome to the world of LEGO!

Is there anything else in the world that has stimulated the imagination more than that little LEGO brick? Probably not and that is exactly why it is so incredibly fun that we at Minivärlden Ljungby can present our very own exhibition – LEGO FANTASY.

The models are created by some of Sweden’s most talented LEGO-MOC: are * who are also members of the association Swebrick. They exhibit their work for six weeks. MOC means “my own creation”. A MOC: is based on freehand and the model can show reality, imagination or a combination of these.

In addition, our member Mikael Lilja exhibits a whole gravel roof with LEGO’s technology models, which is his specialty. At home he has maybe 160 pieces, and he can not keep his fingers off from building models.

The MOC exhibitors are:

Henrik Persson

Mikael Bertilsson

Laonard von Wolcker

Joacim Larsius

Anders Horwath

Of course you can build yourself too!

Självklart kan du bygga själv också!


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