Nils-Inges Gas stations

Model builder Nils-Inge Gustavsson

Nils-Inge is a retired marketer with a passion for cars and building history. For a few years, he has “slipped” into recreating old gas stations in model – scale 1:24, and the models really show that you can combine these interests. It started with him wanting to build his childhood Nynäs station, as he remembers it. Then he got a bleeding tooth and now he presents three pieces at Minivärlden Ljungby.

NYNÄS 1965

Inaugurated in 1958 in Älgarås, a community in Västergötland. A big step for the Swedish petrol company NYNÄS. The facility included car wash, complete car repair shop and shop. Store manager was Sven-Erik Johansson.

Part of the facility was a bicycle and moped sale. Including the possibility of repair.

SHELL 1959

The first petrol station in Ljungby. Built in the early 1930s. Just in front of Gästgivaregården. The director was Karl Johannesson “Kalle på Macken”.

The petrol came by rail to Ljungby and had to be pumped over to a truck and driven to the gas station. A time consuming and dangerous job. A laundry hall was also built for the gas station. The service pit was outdoors. The vehicles of that time required careful maintenance.

BP 1977

This BP gas station was built and inaugurated around 1960. On Kånnavägen in Ljungby in direct connection to Riksettan. The first manager was Sigfrid Johnasson, also known as “Ice Cream Sigge” when he sold home-made ice cream in the summer.

The facility was complete with both laundry, full car service and shop.

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