Experience Funny and creative acitivites.

Creators’ corner

Build a house With our paper templates you can quickly cut and paste a small house and paint it with pencils. Bring it home if you want. Paint a mini figure Paint a minifigure...

The LEGO hub

To all who love LEGO. It's just to start creating and building with our Lego bricks.

Balance on a rail

Balance on a real train rail! A small and a big piece of rail outside Minivärlden Ljungby is a nice challenge

Drive a model train

Drive model trains on your own. Forwards, backwards, slow, fast. You decide!

The Mini-room

Our mini-room is specially designed for the youngest. There is a big mini landscape, nice books and a drawing corner.

Lift the rails

Are you as strong as Magnus Samuelsson – the winner of “The world’s strongest man”.

Make the switch

Are you strong enough to lift the switch lump. Try it, but be careful!

Vote for water

Vote for the water you find is most beautiful and realistic.

Weigh yourself

For only 10 SEK you can buy a Swedish 25 öre coin to put in the old genuine station weigh.