Explore Interesting mini ature worlds, beatiful models and exciting life stories.

The country somewhere

The train is slowly coming out of the tunnel. Passes a beach of naturists and soon also Dr Schultzes own nice green house, the spot where he built his model railway during 30 years.

Edvins masterpiece

This is a real masterpiece! Edvin Johansson's large model locomotive SJ A7 no. 1749, in the scale 1:10. Edvins daughter, Cajsa Makris, estimates that it took about 25.000 hours to build! You may understand why!

The woodcarver Holger

The Holgersson family shows in 2019 about 25 detailed and lifelike groups of the over 200 Holger Johansson carved over the years.

Aircraft Models

I built my first model when I was 12 years old. My models are in scale 1:72, which is useful if you have a large collection and limited space.

Little Småland

Little Småland is the name of our new exciting miniature world. Here you will meet the typical landscape of Småland together with real stories from a bygone era.

The world of tin

Dr. Jonas Richthoff used old stuuff from home and created his own worlds with tin soldiers. His fabulous hobby shows fairy tales and true stories.

A moment on mother earth

Alla människor har sin stund på jorden. I våra foto- och minnesutställningar ser du tiden förr.

Model building

Are you curious about how to create and build a miniature world? Here we show you some examples how to make small houses, how the trains are controlled and cables connected.

Train cinema

Of course you like to see films. That’s why we have arranged a “train compartment cinema”

LEGO Technics

In Minivärlden during summer you have unique opportunity to see the coolest and most advanced LEGO Technics models in their right environment.

The smallest art gallery

A beautiful painting. Sometimes showing reality. Sometimes showing fantasy. At our gallery the motives are always trains.

Book café

A visit to Minivärlden can be quite demanding. What could be better than slipping into chair, having a nice cup of tea or coffee, and maybe browse through some magazines or books about local history, train history or model building

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