Easter Train 5.30 2020 12-16 pm

Open 12 – 16.

We have postponed the Easter train to May 30 depending on Corona.

Search for Easter eggs and win the giant egg filled with Swedish sweets! This is our theme day when we open up Minivärlden. A very much appreciated family break during the easter holidays

Model cars. This year we will be exhibiting about 200 small model cars from Willy Berg’s collection. Many nice models to admire and presented under different themes.

Cast tin figures. Jonas Richthoff is on site and shows how to cast tin figures. You are given the opportunity to cast your own figure which you can then paint in fancy colors.

Lilla Småland is growing further and Bökö has been given an adorable, detailed and imaginative landscape. Lidhult is growing up with a wealth of newly built model houses in exact copies of the 50s, and a hint of how nice the coming environments will be. The trains now run all the way past Åsen, Byholma and Piksborg

The country of Somewhere, Dr Schultze’s old private model railway, is refreshed and really nice again.

On two occasions you will find our fantastic Ronny Nilsson inside the movie theater. He tells vividly about the old Bolmen railway. (in swedish).

And the popular Robot course is refreshed and nice. It’s just challenging Dad and Mom, or your friend.

Minivärlden Ljungby always has something interesting and fun for all ages and most interests – an experience and activity goal for the whole family.

Welcome to Easter eve April 11 at 12-16. Take care now for next time is not until July 6th.

And anyone who wants to dress up for a happy and fun Easter witch or Easter chap.


Winners of the giant egg in 2015 and 2016.

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